About Us

    Elproma Electronics is a European company with more than 30 years of experience. Our goal is to provide modern products and systems around the world. Anyone who wants to expand their offer with products of the highest quality and of reasonable prices are welcome to cooperate with us.

    Our company actively support our partners through an individual approach, properly defining they needs and determining the best solution from our extensive portfolio of devices. Additionally we organize numerous workshops and trainings for our partners, also we participate in fairs together with local distributors of our solutions and we provide all necessary promotional materials and model devices.


    Elproma Electronics Headquarters

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    Individual approach to customer needs

    Elproma offers state-of-art technology in fields such as Telemetry, Time Synchronization, Industrial Wireless Technology and the Internet of Things. Our vast experience, flexibility to adjust solutions to the clients’ customers needs, unlimited creativity and our ever-growing team of high quality specialists have placed us in the position as one of the leaders of our business in Europe. Our devices, above other great features, are solid no matter in what conditions they have to perform and whatever purpose they serve.

    Over years Elproma Electronics company has dynamically developed its portfolio of products, becoming one of the major European manufacturers of IoT terminals. A vast experience, flexibility and the superbly high quality of our devices have made us into one of the main suppliers of telemetric solutions in the EMEA region. Our range of products covers all wireless communication technologies ranging from 2G through 3G, LTE, Narrow Band, WiFi, and Bluetooth to Sigfox and Lora. The main industries in which our devices operate are: energy, telemedicine, the mining industry and telecommunications. In 2017, we exceeded 400,000 units of manufactured and sold IoT telemetry terminals. The rapid development of the time synchronization department over the last 3 years has positioned our company among the world’s leading producers of this type of solutions. The Elproma Time brand can be spotted in most banks ,and financial and public institutions worldwide.