PTP Grandmaster Clocks; NTP Time Server; IEEE1588 & GNSS Cybersecurity

In a world where the technological landscape is being revolutionised by Industry4.0 concept, the ELPROMA helps guarantee a longterm robust synchronisation of critical infrastructures.


To clarify, we are network time synchronisation experts with 30years experience. We know everything about the TIME that conducts any modern distributed IT/OT system today. For instance, TIME reminds essential for Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Time Coordinated Computing (TCC).


All functionalities are on board.  We know how to obtain secured ref. UTC from GNSS, and how to disseminate it trough a network without losing TIME accuracy or FREQUENCY stability. We also know how to retrieve original UTC reference from the network (a client end-device side) providing best slave clock timing to any network appliances.


 We are manufacturing world leading security grandmasters, product so-called – the time servers. Product provides qualified & trusted UTC time to any network. For instance. timeservers support world leading critical infrastructures of telecom 5G, smart-grids, audio & video broadcasting , autonomous vehicles & robots, smart-city, fast strains, air traffic control. Moreover synchronisation today is an important part of modern cyber-security. Therefore so many leading IT brand names put a trust on Elproma today.