test image Elproma was founded in 1992 by C&K Europe B.V. (The Netherlands) as a distribution company specializing in electronic components and gradually evolved into a R&D facility specializing in time & frequency. In early 2000, New Elproma Holding B.V. Group (The Netherlands) was created and successfully acquired Elproma Poland.HISTORY OF ELPROMA


test image Over the last 15 years we have gained vast experience in manufacturing telemetric, wireless telecommunication and IoT solutions, which has resulted in our rich portfolio of products. Our devices are of the highest quality and unparalleled solidity, performing in many different industries world-wide. They meet and exceed the expectations of even our most demanding clients.BROWSE OUR SOLUTIONS

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Quality Policy IQNet ISO 9001: 2008

Elproma Electronics Sp. z o.o has implemented a quality policy system audited and certified by an international company; Quality Austria: ISO9001: 2008 IQNet. The company carries out a yearly verification (internal audit). The present certificate is valid until 2024.

ISO9001 Certification
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.#01 We are innovative
Always on the hunt for better solutions: effective, solid, tailored to clients’ expectations, high performance. We design and craft the latest systems and devices, setting trends in our industry.

.#02 We are creative
We have made our way from a manufacturer of simple electronic devices to one of the main providers of advanced telemetric solutions that operate in industries from medicine to mining.

.#03 We are specialists
We employ 35 high quality specialists fluent in Linux systems, Java, Python, C, C++ programming languages or HW design. Only the most experienced and innovative experts get to be a part of our team.

The solid & honest workWill always Defend herself


We offer state-of-art technology in fields such as telemetric, time synchronization, wireless technology and The Internet of Things. Our vast experience, flexibility to adjust solutions to the clients’ needs, unlimited creativity and our ever-growing team of high quality specialists have placed us in the position as one of the leaders of our business in Europe. Our devices, above other great features, are solid no matter in what conditions they have to perform and whatever purpose they serve.