Modern telemetry systemsCreate, design & manufacture

test image Teleorigin is a brand created in 2015 by Elproma. Teleorigin manufactures telemetry devices as well as web data visualization systems. This is currently the largest department of Elproma.
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M2M communications

In the M2M department, we offer state-of-the-art solutions in the field of wireless communication. In our offer, apart from a wide range of terminals that come with all the communication standards from GSM/GPRS via UMTS, LTE, Narrow Band, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sigfox to Lora and GPS, there is a huge choice of professional, industrial routers. The devices are equipped with all kinds of interfaces: LAN, RS232/485, USB, SMA, I/O and can be easily programmable in the most popular languages such as Python, Java or "C". The extensive resources of our prototyping department allow for the easy and quick modification of standard products in accordance with the customer’s requirements. In addition to the typical product portfolio, we also offer individually adjusted projects, both when it comes to the design and the subsequent organization of production.

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Brand dedicated time serversWorld class equipment

test image ElpromaTime is a division engaged in the development of time synchronization technology and its security. We work together with governmental organizations and technical universities in the areas of standardization and security of the time provided. We participate in a number of international projects, setting new directions for the development of this industry for years to come.
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Network time Synchronization

Since 2003 the time synchronization section has evolved from the production of time servers into a company that designs one of the most technologically advanced synchronization systems. Currently, we produce a number of industrial PPS signal distributors together with a wide range of highly specialized servers based on the NTP protocol equipped with the latest interface standards like PTP, IRIG and PPS. Our devices can be monitored through one of the most modern SCADA systems in the world.

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High quality componentsmade in USA & EU

test image We are one of the main suppliers of electronic components in Poland. We have a wide and comprehensive offer that allows you to freely adapt selected elements to the needs of the project. We work with the largest manufacturers of electronic components, such as: CARLING, MEC, KYCON, LORLIN, TELIT, QULSAR and TAOGLAS. Our product portfolio includes both: passive components (pushbuttons, switches, keyboards, connectors), and active RF components (modules and accessories, incl. antennas etc.). No customer or its project to big or to small for Elproma supplier. Our young good work motivated team is ready to assist all size business and requested volumes. Working with Elproma is easy, price effective and friendly.
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OEM Components

The distribution of electromechanical components is the longest running business sector in our company. In the portfolio of our suppliers you can find such companies as Carling Technologies, MEC, Samtec or Kycon. The number of components offered can be counted in millions. Such a wide offer makes us the industry leaders in the Central European market. Our company has established itself as a major brand with expertise in the field of electromechanical components, resulting in long-term contracts with the largest electronics manufacturers in Europe. Among our clients you can find brands such as Solaris, Autosan, Galeon, Melex or Farmtrac.

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Applications & servicesApplications & services

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Applications & services

Telemetry and IoT are currently two of the fastest growing branches in the ICT market. We have enriched our basic, broad portfolio of our own devices with many one-of-a-kind systems and applications. As a result, we have significantly increased the number of customers and we have started to be widely identified as a provider of comprehensive telemetric solutions. The flagship products include: FoodTraMS Food Transport Monitoring, GPSEye Car Fleet Monitoring or Vendometric Vending Machines Surveillance.

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 Elproma is a distributor of the PROMOTIC system. It is a software tool used for visualization and control of technological processes in a wide spectrum of industrial branches. This type of software is also commonly used for management and control of technologies in "intelligent houses" and buildings. The system is designed in order to be easily accessible to new users.


The PROMOTIC SCADA system offers multitude of communication possibilities. The built-in communication drivers, standardized interfaces, database connectors, Web server – all these features give the users almost ulimited options of the PROMOTIC system integration into their technologies and projects.


Together with the development and distribution of the PROMOTIC system we provide a wide spectrum of related services and complex solutions:

- PROMOTIC trainings
- Presentation for you
- Development of specific applications
- Technical support