A single NTS smart antenna is included as standard with the NTS time server.
Redundant 2nd antenna is optional. It improves security and robustness of synchronization.

Compering to other products, the smart NTS-antenna has built-in modular GNSS receivers. Replaceable GNSS receiver can be supported by different CHIPS, from different vendors.

Replaceable GNSS receiver modules inside ensure state of the art technology on board. Moving GNSS receiver out of time server makes NTS-antenna solution flexible and independent on GrandMaster architecture. Each time, there is requirement for updating the GNSS receiver board can be replaced.

Replaceable GNSS receivers, perhaps are the most effective solution when geopolitics is a risk for keeping synchronization stability. The NTS-antenna automatically sense and adapt itself to GNSS signal strength, acting equivalent to 26-40dB gain std. antennas. It makes smart NTS-antenna possible to survive in most difficult weather conditions. Where competitor product stops working,the ELPROMA smart NTS-antenna is operating brithly normally.

Some of GNSS receivers offers extra ordinary facility of anti-jamming/spoofing for GPS L1. There is also special urban GNSS eceiver with multi-path mitigation system available too. It is new FURUNO chip and it prevents using false (reflected) satellite signals inside urban.

Finally, the replaceable GNSS receivers are best solution quickly solving unexpected problems like GPS week number roll over or UTC leap second and many others too.

Suported GNSS SystemsGPS (std.) L1 (1575,42MHz) C/A code
GLONASS (std.) L1 (1598,06-1605,38MHz) CT
GALILEO* L1 (1575,42MHz)
BEIDOU* L1 (1561,09-1575,42MHz)
... all with SBAS L1 support
Replacable GNSS Modules• UBLOX
• and 10 vendors more
Channels32- 170
Accuracy• better 5ns @1σ
• better 15ns @2σ
Cold start< 30 seconds
Warm start< 30 seconds
Hot start< 3 seconds
Gainautomatic (26-40dB)
CableUTP/STPAT cat 5+
Distance: max 700m (2300ft)
Temperature-55C to +80C
GNSS• STD GNSS L1 1575,42MHz
• DUAL BAND L1+L2* or L1+L5*
Protocols• NMEA 0183 (IEC 1162)
Sensitivity• Tracking -160 dBm
• Cold Start -143 dBm
Mechanical/Environmental• Dome size: 109mm x 61 mm
• Power: 24VDC (max 0.5A)
• Operating temp: -55 C + 80 C
• Humidity: up to 99%
• IP65 EN 60529:2003 (option IP67*)
• MTBF: 391000 hours