GPS Anti-Jamming Active Filter - The Time Firewall Subsystem

NTS-LEVEL-2 automatically recognizes and eliminates false GPS L1 C/A code send over 1575,42MHz frequency carrier. Simultaneously, it passthrough GLONASS 1598,06-1605,38MHz. It is dedicated anti-jamming active filter.

Device is a cyber-security class rack”19 (1U) mount device. It operates fully automatic (no setup configuration).

It includes 2x build-in GNSS receivers LEVEL-1 100% compatible to NTS-antenna. NTS-LEVEL-2 provides clean filtered GPS output directly to ELPROMA NTS-family servers. Device introduces +/- 15ns error. The cable delay can be compensated and stored.

2x GNSS built-in SAT receivers operating redundantReceiver #1 => Jamming filter ON => supports GPS => ANT 1
Receiver #2 => Jamming filter OFF => supports GNSS => ANT 2
GPS/GNSS Receiver Time Accuracy better than 20 ns
Supporting antenna cable length compensation
Active filter supports GPS L1 1575,42MHz with C/A (Receiver #1)
Active filter supports transparency for GLONASS R1 (Receiver #1)
FURUNO GT-series w/ Multipath Mitigation (option Receiver #2)
(T)RAIM Support
32-170* multi-channel
700m [2300ft] UTP cat. 5 LEVEL-2 to LEVEL-3 or NTS-x000 dist.
RS485 (std) or Fiber Optic* using FO-01 (extra option)
3x INPUT Antenna (SMA) RF GPS L1 1575,42MHz w/ C/A codeANT A’ (primary) GPS receiver #1
ANT A” (secondary) GPS receiver #1
ANT B (auxiliary) GPS receiver #2
2x OUTPUT Antenna (RJ45) serial RS485 ToD+1PPSANT 1 => NTS-x000 NMEA183 + 1PPS (FILTERED)
2x Power Supply (redundant)110-230 VAC (1A) 50-60Hz & 120-370 VDC (1A)
20-70 VDC (2A) /extra option/
Operating temperature0°C to +60°C (server)
-55°C to +80°C (antenna)
Dimennsions484 x3 00 x 44,4 mm (rack’19 1U)