NTP/PTP IEEE1588 Modular Time Server

The NTS-5000 is a PTP/IEEE1588 grandmaster, NTP Stratum1 time server and ePRTC*, PRTC-A & B clock. It supports ref. time from GNSS or external atomic clocks. The std. version is equipped with Rubidium (Rb) and the LITE ver. supports  HQ OCXO holdover. The devices supports max. 10x LAN. The LAN1-2 are 100Mbps software timestamping, upgradable to 10GbE*. Optional 4x EXPANDER* cards are available, each supporting 2x 1GbE, with hardware timestamping. Network cards have own private PTP stack stored inside private FPGA. This approach ensures best cybersecurity and high stability of synchronisation. Product is suitable for any critical infrastructure and datacenter.

  • NTP Time Server STRATUM1
  • IEEE1588 PTP & NTP
  • PPS, 10MHz *option, IRIG-B *option
  • LAN1-2 => 100Mbps => upgradable to 10GbE*
  • LAN3-10 => 1GbE* w/hardware timestamping
  • Supports all PTP profiles and optionally White Rabbit*
Model NTS-5000• Grandmaster PTP/IEEE1588 and NTP Stratum-1 Network Time Server and ePRTC*, PRTC-A & B clock
Interfaces GNSS Input Options
• 2x Antenna INPUT or OUTPUT (RJ45)
• GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou support
• 2x 1PPS standard
• 2x ToD standard
• 1x IRIG-B AM *option
• 1x DCLS FO *option
• 1x Direct Cs atomic 5071A time-scale UTC interface *option

• 2x 100/10Mbps RJ45 standard HW/stamps supporting PTP, NTP, and SyncE
• 1x 1PPS standard
• 1x 10MHz standard
• 1x IRIG-B AM standard
• 1x ToD (rs232) standard
• 2x 1GbE output SFP/Expander slots 1-4 *option
HW/stamps supporting PTP, NTP, and SyncE
• 10x 1GbE output SFP/Expansion board 1 *option
SW/stamps supporting PTP, NTP
• 2x 10GbE SFP *option
• 1x E1 (2.048 Mbps/2.048 MHz) unframed *option
• 2x IRIG AM or TTL (selectable) *option
• 2x IRIG DCLS FO *option
• 4x IRIG DCLS (rs422) *option
• 2x GNSS simulation (GPS L1 NMEA183) *option
Holdover OSC NTS-5000 Rb Rubidium & OCXO

Sync PROTOCOLIEEE 1588-2008 (PTP Precision Time Protocol)
• NTPv4, NTPv3
• VLAN (1 x PTP-slave, 9 x PTP-master, 10 x NTP)
• IPv4 / IPv6 *option
Management• IPv4 or IPv6 (MIB-2 compatible to any OSS/BSS)
• SNMP v2c, v3 with large database of MIB-2 traps
• Elproma NMS STAS (purchased separately)
NTP• Stratum 1 server through GNSS and/or atomic clocks
• Stratum 2 server when synchronised to remote Stratum 1
PTPPTP IEEE1588 Profiles via 2 x LAN 1GbE Expanders 1-4
• Default
• Telecom ITU-T G.8275.1 G.8275.2 G.8265.1
• Power & Utility IEEE C.37.238 v1 v2
• gPTP*, TSN* 802.1AS*
• Broadcast* AES67*, SMPTE 2059.2*
syncE(Expander 1-4 only)
• SyncE ITU-ITG.8261
Hardware modules• OCXO module NTS-5000LITE & NTS-5000 standard
• Rubidium module (only NTS-5000) standard
• Expander 1-4 (2x LAN, 4 x IRIG I/O ports) *option
• Expansion (10x LAN, 4 x IRIG I/O ports) *option
Other SW/HW License Options

• Direct Cs atomic clock 5071 synchronisation to UTC/TAI
• Expander 1-4 PTP-slave licence (32, 64, 128, 256 users)
• Expander 3-5 IRIG*, AFNAR*, STANAG4430*, NASA36*
(contact ELPROMA for more Time Codes)
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