Constant temperature monitoring energy elements

An RFID sensor system includes a passive RFID sensor, a controller capable of receiving temperature data from the sensor and its antenna. The controller’s antenna constantly sends a radio frequency signal to the sensor placed on the monitored element.

On the one hand, the radio frequency transmits energy to power the sensor, and at the same time, by sending a command containing the sensor ID, it transmits temperature measurement commands. After activation, the sensor sends back the current temperature to the controller. The whole process is carried out by wireless digital transmission with CRC code in ISO RFID protocol, making it stable and reliable.

The big advantage of RFID technology is its passive mode of operation. The sensors do not require any batteries, are equipped with wireless power supply, wireless data transmission, long life and are maintenance-free. This makes them ideal for smart grid environments where there are high voltages or high currents.

More important information about the components of the permanent monitoring system can be found on our website: www.pqsense.eu


Sensors◼ Passive RF sensors (no battery) ◼ Measuring range -40℃ ~ +125℃ ◼ Long life 20+ years of operation ◼ Wireless digital communication • RFID UHF technology (max. 3m from RF-antenna) • CRC error auto-checking • FHSS frequency hopping • REMOTE access via GSM/LTE/5G ◼ Variety mounting style & size • Busbar big (67x27x23mm) • Busbar small (25x25x4mm) • Cable (47x25x2mm) • Male contact (14x9x4mm) • Plum contact (14x9x4mm) • Nut RMU (10x5x3mm)
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