RB800 terminal series is the complete modem solution for wireless m2m applications. Based on the high quality module, it is available as DUAL or QUAD band version. It offers high level GSM/GPRS features in a compact aluminum housing with all the standardized interfaces. It can b optionally equipped with GPIO, SD memory card, backup battery or dual SIM option. Together with its small size and wide supply voltage range, it makes it easy to integrate into all kinds of machines.

The RB800 terminal series enabling data, SMS and TCP/IP communication is a universal solution for all low-volume M2M and mobile data applications including metering, traffic systems, transportation and logistics, security, vending machines and facility management.

You can control the device by AT commands or internal application. RB800 modem supports embedded Python Script Interpreter or “C” language. It makes it the smallest, complete SMT platform for M2M solutions.

Mobile• 2G terminal
• Quad Band - can be used worldwide
Communications protocols• RS232
• Serial UART or USB interface
Functions• Perfect with customer APN and m2mAIR SIM cards
• Embedded TCP/lP and UDP stacks
• Control via AT commands or Python application
• Telit AT command set
• Python Script Interpreter
• m2mLOCATE, m2mAIR, m2mCLOUD
Power supply• 5 to 30V DC
Ambient temperature• - 20 to 60 °C
Storage temperature• - 40 to 85 °C
Dimensions• 72 x 53.5 x 26 mm
Weight• ≈ 89 g
Warranty• 24 months