Anti-jamming/spoofing - isolates NTS-5000 from physical GNSS

The “SafeTime GNSS Guard”, similarly to a network firewall operation, solves the problem of protecting existing IT/OT systems by providing separation between physical GNSS
and the NTP/IEEE1588 Time Server. It protects any class ELPROMA time server incl. NTS-5000 and NTS-4000.

The “SafeTime GNSS Guard” protects any critical infrastructure (incl. banks, stock exchange, air traffic control, railways, power stations, telecom, finance) from untrusted sky based physical GNSS satellite signals. It is a software engine that analyses timing from each selected GNSS subsystem: GPS,GALILEO,GLONASS,BEIDOU,IRNSS separately by providing simulated GNSS output that is level 100% information compatible to GPS L1.

The SafeTime GNSS Guard appliance is equipped with special timing analysis. It can optionally be equipped with GPS L1 anti-jamming active filter (null steering technology, protecting against amateur mobile GPS L1 jammers. Together with other algorithms it protects timeserver inputs from GNSS jamming and/or spoofing.

Operation bases on checking several conditions, including disrupting criteria, such as: number of GNSS satellites, mismatching the GNSS antenna location, phase / time deviation, RF intensity / signal strength, SNR levels of GNSS signals. The LOG data can be optionally stored inside or exported to external SCADA/NMS/OSS class external software.

SafeTime GNSS Guard works via MIB-2 traps with all leading OSS class software. In addition, the ref. UTC time can be delivered to input LAN interface of SafeTime Guard from remote time backup center.

Product accepts cryptographically authenticated NTP and/or PTP IEEE15) protocols. This is right approach to get your backup ref. time via Internet or cloud from National Institutes Of Metrology (NMI), such as: US NIST, UK NPL, Polish GUM, Italian INRIM etc. In case of network failures /links(-)/or during cyber-attacks (DDoS attacks, TDA -Time Delay Attack) device switches automatically to OCXO/Rubidium* holdover mode. The device sync accuracy is better than 1us.

Synchronization Inputs• GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou support)
• 2x LAN (authenticated remote time backup)
• IRIG-B (local clock)
I/O• 3x rs232 (PPS/ToD)
• 5x BNC (50 Ohm: PPS, IRIG, 10MHz)
• 2x USB 2.0 (for firmware upload)
Synchronization Outputs• Simulated GNSS (equivalent for real-time GPS L1)
• NTP/PTPIEEE1588time to remote backup centre)
Synchronization Holdover• OCXO (1U)
• Rubidium (2U)
Management• SNMP v3/v2 MIB-2
• Disabled HTTP, Telnet
Redundant Power Supply• Power: 110-230 VAC (1A), 50-60Hz 120-370 VDC (1A)
• Telecom: 48VDC option* 20-70 VDC
Mechanical/Environmental• Size: 484x 300x 44,4 mm
• Storage temp: -55°C to +80°C
• Operating temp: 0°C to +60°C