Universal serial to GSM data gateway for industrial IoT applications. 

The RB900SG-ElpOS based on OpenWrt Linux is the powerfull solution for wireless M2M applications. The ElpOS allows flexible software customization like industrial protocol convertering: Modbus, transaprent mode (data to server), MQTT gateway or any other special customer solutions.

The RB900SG-ElpOS works with Supervision Control and Data Aquisition systems (SCADA) as well with the remote managements systems. Combined with industrial-grade Elproma Device Management System (EDMS) creates an end-to-end solution for global deployment management applications.

The RB900SG-ElpOS on OpenWrt Linux is based on the high quality module and offers LTE Cat. 4 (with a fallback to 3G and 2G) features in a compact plastic housing with RS232/RS485/RS422 interfaces.

Universal serial to GSM data gateway for industrial IoT applications. &amp;lt;u><br />><u>